Illinois Nursing Home
Administrators Association

PO Box 483, North Aurora, Illinois 60542  .  P: (708) 800-6161  .  F: (708) 248-8078  .

About Us

INHAA is dedicated to providing quality educational programs and publications relevant to the Nursing Home industry and meeting the needs of Illinois Nursing Home administrators.


The objectives of the Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Association are to support an organization comprised of qualified healthcare professionals who, through this body, shall accomplish the following:

  • To represent, and give a voice to, those LTC Administrators who desire to improve their profession and themselves.
  • To provide well being to the public and maintain the highest quality of administration to the LTC facility.
  • To establish and evaluate standards of excellence within the administrative field.
  • To develop, promote and provide standards of education and training for LTC Administrators.
  • To publish information that supports the educational objectives of the Association and enhances the educational needs of licensed administrators in Illinois.
  • To provide peer networking opportunities thereby assisting members statewide to seek and maintain the highest quality care for our Residents.
  • To always advance the quality of Resident care in facilities to the highest possible level. INHAA is the only association within Illinois designed specifically for the benefit of the Administrator.

Yearly memberships begins January 1st at a cost of $100.00.

Classes of Membership:

  • Active: Administrators licensed in the State of Illinois who are actively engaged in, or whose primary responsibility is, the continuity of care in the long term care (LTC) facility.
  • Associate/Business: Companies or persons (i.e. vendors or ancillary personnel) whose field of interest or employment is related to LTC.
  • Honorary: An individual described as “Active” who is no longer active but remains interested in the activities of the Association. Honorary members are a select few distinctively nominated and voted on by other active members.

Membership Application

The link below will guide the prospective member to an online membership application that can be printed and mailed or faxed.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Illinois Nursing Home Administrator’s Association provides opportunities to businesses interested in reaching our members.  Interested businesses are invited to expand their leads by reaching new customers through sponsorship of the association’s upcoming seminars.  Click on the link below to visit an informational web page that can be printed and mailed or faxed.